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I love the time of dawn and dusk, pareidolia clouds, fluffy animals, birds and flowers. I like sports and indoor activities (which involves books, movies and video games). These hobbies are my inspiration for drawing. If you are interested in what inspires my art, feel free to see the following list of things I see.

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Football, badminton, volleyball, horse riding
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25th March, 2022

Disclaimer: No product or service is sponsored in this blog. The recommendations are purely my own. I will not be held responsible if someone is hurt or offended by any of my personal choice or remark in this blog.

It is my wish that I meet people who are also passionate about starting a business like mine. But I found that due to limited resources, they don't know where to start. I was the same once. Nobody was there to guide me. I made a lot of mistakes, wasted money on projects that never worked out in the end.
I am not an expert but I do admit I have reached a point where I know what is required to start an art-related home business from scratch in Pakistan.
So let's do this!
Take a guess, the most important thing to make greeting cards and to cut stickers is a pair of scissors right? Wrong! I barely use it! I only need it to open a package, not pack it! Let me tell you what you actually need. Let's first see what art medium you use. Are you a watercolour artist? Do you use oil paints, acrylics, pencils, crayons, digital tablet? Whatever material you have, lay it out on the table.
Step 1: Suppose you are a watercolour artist, you don't need to start your business with fancy stuff like the Winsor and Newton studio set. But you also don't need those pelican kids set. Use the ones which are cheap but mix well and create pretty results. If you need guidance, you can start with KOI Sakura Watercolors 24 colours. I loved these when I was serious about painting (also, it has a fancy looking brush included in which you can fill water in). Next, buy a thick drawing sketchbook from your local store or online shop.

Step 2: Now draw what you love. Your passion and dedication should flow through the brush onto the paper if you want customers to love your art. (To be honest, when I started, I was terrible at drawing but I didn't lose heart because remember, practice makes perfect.)
Step 3: You don't need a big scanner machine to scan photos. I still take pictures of my drawings from a smartphone. Take the pictures and then transfer them to your laptop. No, not a smartphone, to your laptop. If you want to be serious about your business, you need a laptop. You don't need a high budget one either. Use the one on which you do your school/university work or just borrow it from your parents or siblings. You will only need it to edit pictures.

Step 4: I will now tell you the special ingredient which will make your stickers come to life. It's the editing software. No, I will not recommend Adobe Photoshop. My choice will always be Krita software. Krita is my favourite. It's free and it has almost everything you need. Adobe Photoshop is expensive. And even if you download a pirated copy, it would repeatedly crash. Let's choose the fourth image from my folder and open it in Krita. Now I will not go into details as to how to use Krita. For that, you will need to see its tutorials on Youtube starting from here so that you can know other cool things it can do which will help you a lot in your future business. But I will tell you a little about the most useful tool. That's "The magic wand" or if I say in the Krita language, "Contiguous selection tool". Click on that tool and select the background around the flower (you will have to tweak the settings of the selection tool a little based on how dark/bright or blurred/sharp your image is. I have shared the image below which shows what settings I used for this photo (For chrome browser: To zoom in, long-press the image and select "Preview image").

Step 5: Save the image in .png format so that the background stays transparent. Do this with the rest of your drawings. Discard the drawings which you think do not look great together. Combine the remaining images together in Krita and make a cute sticker template. The following are some great ideas which you can use: idea 1, idea 2, idea 3. DO NOT CHEAT! Just take inspiration from them like a good artist you are. Your own ideas will show people how talented you are. Sticker hoarders can spot the talented and the cheaters when they see one.

Step 6: Now is the time when your good old "Photocopy wala uncle" from college comes in handy. If you or your parents have a coloured printer at home, great! your job is almost complete. But if you are out-sourcing the printing step, there is one thing you need to do before you wave your salam to that uncle. Buy an A4 size sticker paper from a stationery shop. I don't usually buy this item online unless I'm desperate. I like to see with my own eyes how good the quality of the paper is. Paper is a pretty delicate thing. It can get bent or damaged when shipped via courier. Which is why I buy it from a nearby shop. But I leave this choice up to you.
Give the sticker paper and the png. file to the uncle and ask him if he has an inkjet or laserjet printer and if he can check if your paper is compatible with that printer.

Step 7: Oh and before you head out to buy the sticker paper from your favourite stationery shop, you also need to buy three very important things which are paper cutting knife, an A3 size paper cutting mat, and a stainless steel 12-inch ruler. It's very important that the ruler is stainless steel. Plastic ones will make your job hell. They themselves get sliced in half when you cut your stickers. Ok so I've mentioned the three important tools. Now I will mention the two optional ones. One is a stencil of your choice depending on what kind of stickers you want to cut. I personally prefer round stickers so I have a stencil of different round shapes. You can have the one with square or rectangle or any other fancy looking ones. Stencils are easily available everywhere.

The second item is a corner rounder paper cutter. This is purely my choice. I think round corners of paper makes it look pretty. But some people like pointy edges.
Anyway, now that I have mentioned the tools, the most important among them is my best friend, the paper cutter. Say hello to it.

This is the cutter that replaces any pair of scissors. It will help you in cutting greeting cards and two types of stickers, "Die-cut stickers" and "Kiss-cut stickers" (This short 50 seconds Youtube video will help you understand what they are). Die-cut stickers are easier to make with these cutters. Start practising with them. Then when you are an expert in controlling the pressure and speed of your hand, you can start making kiss-cut stickers until you have earned enough to expand your business and can afford a plotter. Remember, this article is about starting on a low budget.

Step 8: The good news is, your stickers are ready!
But now where do you sell them? Amazon or Daraz right? I wouldn't recommend Daraz for a person who is just starting a business. This was a step on which I struggled a lot when I started. But luckily, now we have options. Let me list some of the platforms where you can sell.
Dukan.pk and Digi Dokaan help you run your online shop from your smartphone. Your account will be opened in just 30 seconds (as they claim). But for these, you need to create your own audience with the help of social media and ad runs. The good thing is that you are in total control of your shop and you can open and close the shop any time you want. The other selling platform is Pakistancreates.com. They have their own audience and they need you to first fill out a form and also send them a few of the items you will be selling. They will approve the quality of your products and will give you access to their site. This process takes a few days. For every product you upload online, they will view that product first and then allow it to be shown on their site. Product approval also takes around a day. But this system helps them to gain trust with their customers which is good. I have used three of these platforms and I like all of them. I am sure there must be more platforms by now as this article will start getting outdated after some time.

Want to see how my stickers finally looked when I was finished making them? Click on the button to see.

So there you have it. You just became a professional sticker seller.
Did this article help you in any way? reach out to me on thatsheepishartist@gmail.com and let me know how your journey goes.